PRTG Manual: Ajax Web Interface—Advanced Procedures

The Ajax-based web interface is your access to PRTG. It is used to configure devices and sensors, and to set up notifications, as well as to review monitoring results and to create reports. This web interface is highly interactive, uses Asynchronous Java Script and XML (AJAX) to deliver a powerful and easy-to-use user experience. While the user is logged in, the data on the screen is permanently refreshed (via Ajax calls) so it always shows the current monitoring results (refresh interval and method can be set by the user).

Because the web interface works as a Single Page Application (SPA), you will rarely see a full page refresh to avoid this performance impact due to redundant processing. Only single page elements will be refreshed when necessary. All object setting dialogs are shown as pop-up layers, so you will never lose the current context. This speeds up the user experience appreciably and makes the configuration of objects in PRTG comprehensible.

The following sections introduce more advanced procedures in the Ajax Graphical User Interface (GUI).


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