PRTG Manual: Add a Sensor

Note: This documentation refers to the PRTG System Administrator user accessing the Ajax interface on a master node. For other user accounts, interfaces, or nodes, not all of the options might be available as described. When using a cluster installation, failover nodes are read-only by default.

In order to add a sensor manually, select Sensors | Add Sensor from the main menu. An assistant will appear, leading you through two steps. For faster setup, you can select Add Sensor... in the context menu of a device to which you want to add the new sensor. This will skip step 1 and lead you directly to step 2.

  • Step 1
    Please select Add sensor to an existing device and choose a device you want to add the new sensor to. Click on Continue.
Add Sensor Assistant Step 1

Add Sensor Assistant Step 1

  • Step 2
    The Add Sensor assistant is shown (see screenshot above). Select a sensor you want to add and enter the needed settings. You can filter the listed sensors by type, by target system, and by the used technology. You can choose one aspect per filter. Alternatively or additionally, you can use the live search by typing in a key term (or a substring) in the Search box. PRTG also suggests sensor types to create on the selected device; this recommendation is automatically calculated based on the current user's sensor usage and shows the ten commonest sensor types by default (if enough sensor types are already in use). The chosen filter also applies to the recommendation. See section More if you want to adjust the number of most used sensor types which are shown here or to hide this option completely.
    For more information about a sensor type, please see the manual section of the respective sensor. See List of Available Sensor Types section to find detailed information about every sensor type.


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